Creative vs. Clever B2B Marketing

A fine line separates creative from clever marketing communications.  Crossing that line can mean the difference between programs that capture the imagination but not the market, and programs that capture both.

Clever marketing communications - with unnecessary humor, puns and borrowed interest - too often overshadow or fail completely to present the company or product brand accurately, or product features and benefits of paramount importance to the selling proposition.  And that doesn't leave CMO's or customers laughing.

Creative marketing communications position the brand and product or service squarely in the prospect's mind, clearly and dramatically communicating unique features and benefits of primary importance to the specifier or buyer.

Clever marketing communications elevate cost curves and lower sales curves in a fiercely competitive marketplace.  In terms of dollars, it's far better to be astute than cute.

Creative marketing communications are designed to out-promote the competition without out-spending them.  True creativity provides more impact per dollar invested.

At Gingerquill, we know the difference between clever and creative marketing communications.  Our creativity, which is always marketing-based, is exemplified by discipline, discernment, research, and the spark of intuition.