Integrated Marketing Capabilities

Market Strategy and Planning

Market strategy is an output of the strategic planning process and, in its simplest sense, market strategy is about delivering customer value that leads to sales and profitability growth. Sound market strategies always start with an outside in analysis of customers, competition, and the business environment.

Market Research, Client Research

Research is where it all starts.  Knowing your markets and customers can mean the difference between developing successful business strategies and making costly mistakes.

B2B Branding

A "Brand" is a set of assets and attributes that are linked to a brand name that add to the value of a product, service, or business organization. Brands are created to serve customers and a strong brand must integrate essential multiple components that embrace customer interactions, employee communications, corporate philosophy and the traditional advertising and marketing efforts. A brand extends through your employees, customers, the media and even the general public.


Advertising, as usually discussed within the confines of a marketing communciations plan, is comprised of two distinct areas.  The media - the magazines and websites where we might choose to place your ads; and the creative - the messaging, copy and images that are assembled into an ad designed to inspire readers and viewers to think and act.

Public Relations

Public relations and publicity - both offline and online - is a foundational component of any good integrated marketing communications plan and plays a key role in promoting a business to its customers and prospects. A properly implemented PR strategy that is well executed will be one of your most cost-effective marketing tactics.

Trade Show Marketing 

Trade shows and exhibitions can be cost-effective communications tools offering personal contact with a large potential customer base. An effective trade show marketing strategy demonstrates the high quality of your products and services and your exhibit makes a strong statement about your Brand, what you do and how you do it.

Interactive Marketing

In most business to business markets, the major contact point with potential and current customers is likely to be through your website. As a key component of internet marketing strategy, website design and function contribute to the brand image and needs to provide a positive customer experience, be intuitive, and be easily found through search engines.

Search Engine Marketing 

Optimizing your website for search engines can be a very cost effective tool to promote your website and increase its visibility.  It is more than just registering your site; it is a strategic process of developing relevant content, then building and marketing your website to ensure that it ranks highly in search results pages.

New Product Development

New products, less than 5 years on the market, account for about 33% of all company sales and a program that develops new product expertise and speed in decision making is an essential driver of sales growth, market share and profitability. A formal idea-to-launch product development process that identifies key decisions and makes them quickly is a top characteristic of the best performing innovative companies.