New Product Development

New products, less than 5 years on the market, account for about 33% of all company sales and a program that develops new product expertise and speed in decision making is an essential driver of sales growth, market share and profitability. A formal idea-to-launch product development process that identifies key decisions and makes them quickly is a top characteristic of the best performing innovative companies.

We design and implement product development processes that achieve faster, more successful new product launches.

  • A defined NPD strategy and process is essential to successful innovation and product development. We will create a program, based on your strategic plans, that focuses on execution of the key success factors in product development
  • Selecting the right products to develop is never easy.We can create a product screening process that identifies products that have a higher probability of success for your company.
  • Market research is necessary for an effective product development program. We can guide you though the market analysis and gather the information required to make important decisions early in the process.
  • Marketing activities play an important role in the process. We assist in the research and market feasibility studies, prepare the new product marketing plans and materials, implement the communications strategy, and assist in the product launch.
  • Cross functional teams are key to successful product launches. We can be a part of your team providing an objective perspective and assisting other members