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The famous "Man in the Chair" ad debuted in 1958 and ran for decades. And while technology has altered the advertising landscape forever, marketing fundamentals remain unchanged. Your customers and prospects need to learn a lot about your company before they'll make a purchase. While there are many other tools available, advertising, when done properly and strategically, is a powerful medium.

Advertising, as usually discussed within the confines of an industrial company's marketing communications plan, is comprised of two distinct areas.  The media - the magazines, websites, blogs, ad networks, etc., where we might choose to run or place your ads; and the creative - the messaging, copy and images that are assembled into an "ad" designed to inspire readers and viewers to think and act. As a full service agency, we work deeply within both areas. 


The Media 

The process of putting together a media schedule begins with media analysis. Based on a thorough understanding of who it is you're trying to reach, we analyze all appropriate media to determine which outlets will help accomplish the goals and objectives laid out in your marketing communications plan. Then based on budget and a number of other factors, we make our media recommendations, create a media schedule, and once approved, coordinate the placement of all media. 


The Creative

Great creative is always marketing based. Without a thorough and insightful understanding of the basics - what are you selling, why would someone want to buy it, and who exactly is buying it - your creative is doomed to fail. But there's more that goes into the creation of a successful ad. Much more.


Remember the marketing communications plan we mentioned here? Who are your competitors and how are they positioned? Are you selling direct? Through manufacturers reps or distributors? Via ecommerce? All of the above? What are your company objectives? Business unit objectives? Campaign objectives? How big is the market? What is your share of the market? What action, if any, do we expect a reader to take when they read the ad? 


"The creative" at Gingerquill is always marketing based. We ask the obvious and the not always so obvious questions. This seemingly obvious, but not so common process, results in creative that delivers on expectations. 


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