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Social media is becoming increasingly important in B2B and industrial marketing communications plans. As is the case before we employ any marketing tool, we must first understand who your target audiences are, what your marketing objectives are, and how your target audiences are using the various social media platforms. We then put together a social media communications strategy that helps you accomplish your objectives.


Too often (most often), we see social media programs that are executed without a clear understanding of objectives and expectations. It's one thing to know how to post to the various platforms, it's quite another to know why you're posting, and how to measure success.


As is the case with all the marketing tactics we provide, we are capable of developing the social media strategy, creating/writing the content, posting, and all associated measurement and follow-up. 


Our social media services include, but are not limited to:


Social Media Strategy
Social Content Creation & Writing
Social Content Management
Posting & Monitoring
Competitive Monitoring
Content Curation


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