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Public relations and publicity should be a foundational component of your integrated marketing communications and content marketing plan. When properly executed, it will play a key role in promoting your business to your customers and prospects. A properly executed PR strategy will blanket all the markets you serve (and want to serve) with a steady stream of valuable information about your company and your products and will be one of your most cost-effective marketing tactics.


Our PR programs are effective at branding; uncovering untapped or unknown market opportunities; increasing awareness; and improving your search engine rankings. They are also outstanding lead generators, and will often times anchor your content marketing efforts.


Our unique and proven approach to business-to-business PR regularly exposes all potential markets and target audiences with appropriate news, product and personnel announcements, getting your messages seen, read or heard, and setting you distinctly apart from your competitors.


Below you'll find an overview of what our public relations services include.


PR Strategy & Planning

A truly great PR program is born out of a thorough planning process.  We take the time to understand your company, your products, markets, target audiences, competitors, sales force and distributors. We then help you develop a set of objectives and recommend and implement proven strategies.


Segmented Distribution List Development & Maintenance

Armed with an understanding of your business, we develop an exhaustive list of print and online media outlets, associations and organizations that will have an interest in news from your company. 


News Release Research, Copywriting & Distribution

A cornerstone of the program are regular news releases that cover topics such new products or services, core products, promotional items, personnel changes, company news, financial news, and any relevant "newsworthy" topic.  We research and write the material, coordinate photography that may be appropriate to support the release and then distribute those re leases to the appropriate and only the appropriate media. These are prepared and sent out on a regular basis to keep the "media pipeline" full. They are optionally placed on newswire services.


Story Research, Copywriting & Distribution

Stories may include case histories (we interview your customer about their use of your products or services), feature stories (we interview someone at your company, and write about a specific topic), or technical articles/white papers. We prepare the stories, arrange for appropriate photography, and typically target key publications or websites with these high-impact PR tools.


Media Relations

Media Relations are key. Over the years we've learned who the key business-to-business media contacts are, and have developed business relationships with them that allow us to work most effectively on your behalf.  We work hard to make sure the media understands who you are, what you do, and why your products and services are of benefit to their readers.


Trade Show Support & Press Kits

We not only produce press kits to support your trade show presence, but attend the major shows on your behalf to interact with your personnel, distributors, agents and reps. This gives us invaluable insights into your company.  We also "scope out" the competition for you, and set up meetings or introductions with any key media that might be attending or exhibiting at the show.

Other Industrial PR Services

Other services provided include internal communications, community relations, crisis management, speaking engagement coordination and preparation, ongoing contact with clients, publishers, editors and media reps.


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