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We do get asked this question quite a bit.  And if you're on this page, you were probably wondering yourself.    


A "Ginger Quill" (two words) is a classic fishing fly.  As best we can tell, it was first used sometime in the early 1800's in Europe, although we haven't been able to definitively pinpoint its origination. You can find Ginger Quills in fly shops around the world. why use the name of a fishing fly?  Well, we love to fly fish here at Gingerquill, and if you know anything about the sport, you know it's part art, part science; part strategy, part intuition. To be successful, you need to have a plan, but you need to be flexible when conditions change. You have to execute relentlessly, gauge your results, and make changes where necessary. And if you do all of these things, you'll be successful. 


Sound familiar?  Yes, we believe marketing is a lot like fly fishing. Or maybe it's just that we've found a novel way to connect the two. At any rate, you'll find we're passionate about both.



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