Building B2B BrandsSM

Gingerquill is a Cincinnati-based, full-service marketing and advertising agency providing strategic, integrated marketing services to industrial marketers. For over 25 years, we have helped B2B marketers establish and accomplish their critical business, sales, and marketing objectives.

Helping You Evolve

We work with industrial goods manufacturers to establish and reach "next level" marketing goals and objectives. For some clients that means developing strategic market plans or marketing communications plans that outline in great detail a roadmap toward future prosperity. For others it means something much more granular, like increasing number of leads; improving conversions on websites; managing digital and social media strategy and implementation; implementing public relations programs or content marketing initiatives; or creating an inbound marketing strategy. As a full service agency, it is difficult to create an exhaustive list of the services we provide.  But no matter the service, we have the experience and know-how to add value to your marketing team, to your brand, and to your company's bottom line.