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We are a Cincinnati-based, full-service marketing and advertising agency providing strategic, integrated marketing services to business-to-business marketers. Our clients include regional, national and international industrial manufacturers, distributors, service companies, and technology providers. 


Working exclusively in the B2B environment, we have developed a deep and intimate understanding of the needs of all stakeholders involved at every step of your complex buying cycle. This includes not just your customer's multiple influencers, specifiers and decision-makers, but also distributors, agents, and manufacturer's reps, media and trade associations, as well as your company's internal staff. 


We understand how to add value to your marketing team, to your brand, and to your company's bottom line.  We plan, create and implement cost-effective, as well as strategically-effective, integrated marketing plans.   


We're firm believers in the need to plan, create, implement and that order. Outstanding creativity, and truly effective programs, are only possible when we have put together a strategic road map. We must understand your products, markets, target audiences, distribution methods and competitors; your internal and external strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT); and your business, marketing and sales objectives. Armed with this deep understanding of your business, we are then able to put together a strong strategic plan along with creative that inspires your audiences to act.  It's our left brain logic, right brain intuition one-two punch.


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Traditional marketing refers to those activities that have been used since pre-internet days. Strategic planning and marketing communications planning; print advertisingtrade show marketing; direct mail; public relations including news releases, case histories and feature stories; company literature; branding, corporate ID; and graphic design....You get the idea.  We understand why these (and many more) tactics work, and we understand how and when to use them.


Ok, so for those of you splitting hairs, social media is certainly digital, but to add some structure to the digital services we offer, we break out digital marketing to include your website (your second most important marketing tool); digital advertising; native advertising; email marketing; search engine optimization (SEO)pay per click programs (PPC); blogs; ebooks; online literature and resources; online directories; and many, many more.  While there is massive crossover between traditional, digital and social, this gives you an idea of the types of digital services we provide. 



For the sake of differentiating social media marketing from digital marketing, social is engaged when the intent is to interact or collaborate with your target audience. It involves creating or responding to "remarkable" content (content that warrants a remark). LinkedIn; Twitter; and Facebook are the big three in the industrial marketing space. And might we add we think those three platforms are mis-used, under-strategized, and over budgeted for by many, if not most industrial marketers. 

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